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Toilets & Stations

Portable toilets are the best solution for short term events where proper restroom facilities aren’t available, or are under renovation. With a fast and efficient service, we will timeously deliver the toilets to the address provided. Dependent on the duration of your event, we also offer a “pump-out” service to ensure the toilets are always clean and ready to use.

Non Flush Toilets

Our most basic toilet range uses environmentally friendly chemicals which are also safe for your health as the fragrances are mild.

• Rationally moulded plastic skit
• 230ltr waste tank
• Contains a toilet seat and cover
• Has a urinal inside
• Enough space to move comfortably
• Supplied with two sets of toilet paper
• Suitable for an event or a construction site


Length: 1.19m
Width: 1.09m
Height: 2.27m (of roof)
Weight: 73.03kg
Tank: 227 Ltr

Flushing Mobile Toilet

The flushing toilet range we have is simple and convenient to use, taking mobile toilets to the next level. We do not use as many chemicals in this range as we use in our non flushing toilet range. Our spacious, comfortable toilets will make your guests feel right at home.

Flush Features
– Foot peddle system, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria between users
– Maximised ventilation
– Anti-slip flooring for your safety
– Translucent roof for optimum internal lighting.
– Most suitable for construction sites and small events.


Length: 1.19m
Width: 1.10m
Height: 2.31m (of roof)
Tank: 227 Ltr

Poly John Non-Flush

– Environmentally friendly
– Maximised ventilation
– Anti-slip flooring for your safety
– Interior mirror
– Translucent roof for optimal interior lighting
– Most suitable for concerts, other events and construction sites

Length 1.19M
Width 1.10M
Height 2.27M (of roof)
Weight: 73.03kg


Our 3 Station Urinal is the perfect accessory to a portable toilet for any construction site or event.

It assists in reducing queuing times and can easily be lifted to higher levels.The 3 Station Urinal has a 270 Litre capacity tank and is ideal for sporting events.

Hand Wash Stations

An absolute essential at any event!

– Various sizes available
– Running water, either preheated or cold available
– Flush or non-flush systems available
– User-friendly design for people of all ages and abilities
– Suitable for all events regardless of time frame
– Mainly used for events

Width: 67cm
Height: 1.57m
Depth: 54cm