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VIP Units

VIP Units

Our luxurious units are the perfect sanitation solution for premium events. They are highly specialised. Amongst the features is a hand wash basin, a sealed tank that keeps the effluent concealed and hidden from the sight of the users. What sets this unit apart from the rest is its foot pump flushing function which helps prevent germ transfers from hand to hand.

VIP Unit Features:

– Internal basin and hand towel dispenser
– Advanced sealed tank, hiding evidence of proceeding uses
– Foot pump flushing system preventing spread of bacteria between users
– Innovative ventilation system
– Translucent roof for optimal lighting
– Ideal for any premium event

Paraplegic Units

As a non- discriminative business we aim to ensure all possible users of our products are catered for accordingly.

– Wide doors
– Lower toilet seats, allowing easier access from a wheelchair
– Handrails to assist with movement if required
– Flush or non-flush options available
– Spacious interior
– Suitable for ANY event

Length: 1.57m
Width: 1.57m
Height: 2.31m (of roof)
Weight: 108kg

Luxury VIP Trailer

The VIP trailer unit offers users a truly luxurious, “at home” experience.

– Ceramic toilet and basin
– Windows for natural light as well as boosted ventilation
– Soap dispenser
– Hand towel dispenser
– Fully lit interior
– Advanced waste tank
– Innovative ventilation system
– Foot pump flushing system, preventing spread of bacteria between users
– Translucent roof for optimal lighting